Laver’s Ranch Trip

This last weekend – with my Venture Crew, Boy Scouts and local Sea Scout ship, we went out to Laver’s Ranch out at Bakersfield to go shooting. We arrived, and pitched tent. I used an awesome bag called the Arete, which HighPeak is still experimenting with, and was very comfortable in it. The following day, after a breakfast of cereal and fruit, we went out to shoot rifles and AK-47’s. I then continued to do archery and TOMAHAWK THROWING!!! I did awesome on archery (for not doing it in years), with my best being 10 body kills, 3 neck kills, 2 wing kills and an arrow in each foot on a turkey target. The next day I went out to watch my sister, who had done better in shooting than I have😦, shoot Semi-Automatics and other guns…… while I continued to throw tomahawks. Finally, we came back down the mountain and slept.


Hi! I’m Ryan, and I own CampingMaxx.Com. I am involved in my local Boy Scout Troop/Venture Crew, and am actively involved. So I also get to test out all of our products! Here on this blog I am going to discuss how my own camping trips go and what you can do to lighten your load, pack your bag and get going!


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